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Bill Simmons on NFL Violence
April 6, 2012
Posted by Sarah
Bill Simmons on NFL Violence
Bill Simmons, Grantland.com Editor in Chief, elaborates on his latest column, "When Do We Draw the Line on NFL Violence?"

See the whole article on Grantland.com that reads:
But there's a bigger story here: the laughable notion that anyone can change an ingrained culture of violence overnight. Any parent knows that kids never listen the first time — it takes four or five times, and usually a raised voice or a threat, before they heed your wishes. Players and coaches are wired the same way. The league never turned off its "We're gonna look the other way, keep being violent and keep those hits coming" switch until the 2010 season, after that infamous October weekend with all the signature hits, when Roger Goodell said, "Oh, crap, maybe I should start fining these guys because the Sports Legacy Institute has accumulated three-plus years of rock-solid concussion evidence and lawsuits are coming. Better later than never!"

Also, follow Simmons on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SportsGuy33.

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