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Bumper Music
Congrats to DMZ member Jeannette of Fairbanks, AK, whose playlist of banned songs was picked for today's Bumper Music Wednesday!

The playlist:

1. Love for Sale - Billie Holiday - banned in 1956 for prostitution references.

2. Rum and Coca Cola - The Andrews Sisters - banned in 1945 for mentioning an alcoholic beverage and possible advertising for Coke. No mention of prostitution.

3. Mack the Knife - Bobbie Darrin - banned in 1959 in New York because of stabbing death of two teens by a 17 year old.

4. Louie, Louie - The Kingsmen - banned in 1964 because it obviously contained naughty words - though no one could quite figure them out, including the FBI.

5. Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones -banned in 1965 for sexually suggestive lyrics.

6. Come Together - The Beatles - banned in 1969 due to drug reference (the Federal Communications Commission sent all U.S. radio stations a telegram, threatening to revoke their licenses if they played Rock music that glorifies the use of drugs).

7. The Pill - Loretta Lynn - banned in 1975 because of birth control reference (Loretta had a lot of songs banned). Reverend Charles Boykin of Tallahassee, Florida, conducted his own survey of 1,000 unwed mothers and determined that 984 became pregnant while listening to Rock music. The rest apparently were having sex.

8. Money for Nothing -banned in 2011 in Canada for homophobic lyric.
9. Rocky Mountain High - John Denver - banned in 1972 for drug references.

10. Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood - banned in 1985 for sexual references.

11. Anything by k.d. lang - banned in 1990 in Nebraska for her anti-meat beliefs.

12. I Want Your Sex - George Michael - banned in 1987 for, well, the obvious.

Want your playlist considered for an upcoming Bumper Music Wednesday? Simply post a 12-song playlist in the "Bumper Music Madness" message board thread for consideration. Not a DMZ member yet? Try a free 4-week trial!
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