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Ode to the DMZ
June 3, 2011
Posted by SarahDMZ
Ode to the DMZ
Thanks to DMZ member Lynne B. for writing this sweet poem about the show.

Ode to the Dennis Miller Show

by LynneB

Where amid the mindless scatter can the sane find what should matter?

Round and round the dial you go and find The Dennis Miller Show.

Omni-hours and times abound; here we settle, safe and sound.

Christian books amazing folks. Dennis chats them up and jokes.

Faithful listeners learn the lingo: multi-generation bingo:

Over the transom, and Victrola, roar those Twenties, Era -ola

Man in Full  and ABC, filed  by Sarah DMZ

App and smart phone, life so carefree. “WAIT! It’s blinking! Eric, HELP ME!”

It’s ok if you’re a lib if Dennis likes the “Cut of your jib.”

Skeeter and the Agent good;  Good on ya in this neighborhood.

Look at YOU, you’re all growed up, sipping from the coffee cup.

Dennis Cam, occasional must. Bathrobe Sessions (Don’t adjust!)

Sal departed, left a few: Swami Old and Swami New.

And for the hard core fans a treat: talk to the Jabber Chamber seat.

Message Boards fill up the screen, string together friends unseen:

Cyberpals in the DMZ: Dean and Davey, Mary Z

Christian, Coltrane, SarahDMZ, Gwen and Terri, Barb in KC,

Pharm and Christie, Dirk and Jen, Dirk and Maryann, Karl and Gwen,

Gene in Philly, Creep James, these are more than just some names.

Fertile Rowdy, (one more soon,) Paul in Kentucky makes us swoon.

Who’d we leave out? Who will goad? Talkin’ at ya down the road.

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