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Full Interviews November 29, 2010
Deb Saunders, Pragmatist
Deb Saunders, Pragmatist
San Francisco Chronicle columnist Deb Saunders checked in today on the TSA body scans and pat-downs.
Tags:  Airport SecurityDebra SaundersTSA
Featured Caller November 22, 2010
Featured Caller 11/22/2010
Featured Caller 11/22/2010
Gary in CA wants to know why the Libs aren't protesting these TSA scans the way they did the Arizona Immigration law.
Tags:  Airport SecurityDon't Touch My JunkFeatured CallerTSA
Full Interviews November 22, 2010
Take the Grope
Take the Grope
Betsy McCaughey, the show's Go-To Health Care Czar, puts the health on the back burner today to talk about another issue: airport security.
Tags:  Airport SecurityBetsy McCaugheyDon't Touch My JunkTSA
Videos November 18, 2010
Body Scan or Pat-Down?
Dennis sounds off on invasive airport screening during last night's 'Factor.'
Tags:  Airport SecurityBill O'ReillyDon't Touch My JunkMonty PythonTSAVideos
Featured Caller November 17, 2010
Featured Caller 11/17/2010
Featured Caller 11/17/2010
Albert in TX has a unique way to prep for the TSA pat-down at the airport, as does Creepy James from the DMZ.
Tags:  Airport SecurityFeatured CallerLife's SolutionsTSA
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