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Soup of the Day April 17, 2012
Video: Jimmy Tingle's American Dream
Check out the trailer of Jimmy Tingle's "American Dream!"
Tags:  American DreamDocumentariesJimmy TingleJimmy Tingle's American DreamMoviesVideos
Full Interviews March 8, 2012
The Great Thomas Sowell
The Great Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell, whose expanded "Intellectuals and Society" is just out, gives his take on Derrick Bell before reflecting on race issues in his lifetime.
Tags:  American DreamDennis's Oprah's Book ClubDerrick BellEconomicsFriend of the ShowRace
Featured Caller November 15, 2010
Featured Caller 11/15/2010
Featured Caller 11/15/2010
Dennis tells Glen in CA that hustling and wanting to work hard should be a primal urge.
Tags:  American DreamCavemenFeatured Caller
Soup of the Day October 12, 2010
Through the Ringer
Through the Ringer
To read the latest from author Robert Ringer, check out his blog.
Tags:  American DreamChristine O'DonnellConservatismNot a WitchRobert Ringer
Full Interviews October 12, 2010
Swimming Like Crazy
Swimming Like Crazy
Take a listen as Robert Ringer talks about the future of America if we don't resist the current administration's re-slicing of the money pie, and how to restore free enterprise in this country.
Tags:  American DreamObamaRobert Ringer
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