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Soup of the Day September 27, 2012
Race Colored Glasses
Dr. Lamont Hill proves Republicans are racist by being a whiny idiot.
Tags:  Breitbart.comLamont HillRacism
Full Interviews June 5, 2012
On the Ground in Wisconsin
On the Ground in Wisconsin
Breitbart.com Editor in Chief, Joel Pollak, is keeping close tabs on things in Wisconsin today, saying that what happens here will indicate how far Midwestern states will go into fiscal free-fall.
Tags:  Breitbart.comElectionsJoel PollakScott WalkerTeachers UnionsWisconsin
Soup of the Day March 22, 2012
Video: Wasserman-Schultz Caught in a Lie
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is confronted about her claim that Republicans want to 'literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws' by enforcing voter id laws, which she denies ever saying.
Tags:  Breitbart.comDebbie Wasserman-SchultzVideosVoter ID
Soup of the Day March 8, 2012
Video: Breitbart's Obama Videos
Andrew Breitbart's outfit released old tapes of a young Barack Obama, supporting a radical Harvard professor named Derrick Bell, who admits to hiding the video during the 2008 election. See clips here.
Tags:  Breitbart.comBreitbart.tvDerrick BellLarry O'ConnorObamaSean HannityVideosYoung Radicals
Interview Clips February 24, 2012
Oscars Preview with Christian Toto
Oscars Preview with Christian Toto
It's a battle of the Christians over the Muppets (again), but mostly, Breitbart's film critic Christian Toto talks about the upcoming Oscars show, this Sunday!
Tags:  Academy AwardsBreitbart.comChristianChristian TotoLarry O'ConnorMoviesMuppetsOscars
Interview Clips February 23, 2012
MSM is Protecting Obama
MSM is Protecting Obama
During his hour in the studio with Andrew, Breitbart.com Editor-In-Chief Joel Pollack talks about how the media is protecting Obama during the GOP debates.
Tags:  Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.comGOP DebateGOP PrimaryJohn KingObama
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