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Soup of the Day June 6, 2012
Video: 'Democracy Died Tonight'
An emotional anti-Walker protester reacts to Walker's win as the end of America as we know it.
Tags:  Breitbart.tvScott WalkerVideosWisconsin
Full Interviews May 21, 2012
Larry O' Puts the 'Fun' in 'Fundus'
Larry O' Puts the 'Fun' in 'Fundus'
Friend of the Show, Larry O'Connor from Breitbart.com, was in studio today to discuss Obama, Elizabeth Warren, "Celebrity Jeopardy," and his new favorite movie, "What to Expect When You're Expecting," in this very funny interview.
Tags:  2012Andrew BreitbartBirthersBreitbart.tvLarry O'ConnorObama
Full Interviews April 18, 2012
Larry O' in Studio
Larry O' in Studio
Larry O'Connor from Breitbart.tv talks about his interview with Mitt Romney, "Celebrity Apprentice," and the election.
Tags:  2012Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.tvCelebrity ApprenticeElectionLarry O'ConnorMitt Romney
Soup of the Day April 18, 2012
Video: Romney Rips Media
In an exclusive interview with Larry O'Connor of Breitbart.tv, Mitt Romney hammers the media and left-wing organizations like Media Matters for America.
Tags:  2012BreitbartBreitbart.tvLarry O'ConnorMainstream MediaMitt RomneyMSMObama
Soup of the Day March 9, 2012
From the Breitbart Archive: 'The CPAC Show'
From the Breitbart Archive: 'The CPAC Show'
One the highlights of the year was when Andrew Breitbart and Larry O'Connor guest-hosted the show, live from CPAC. Take a listen!
Tags:  Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.tvCPACLarry O'ConnorR.I.P. Andrew
Soup of the Day March 8, 2012
Sowell Compares Bell to You-Know-Who
Check out this 1990 clip from Thomas Sowell, where he compares Obama's law school prof, Derrick Bell, to Hitler.
Tags:  Breitbart.tvDerrick BellThomas SowellVideos
Soup of the Day March 8, 2012
Video: Breitbart's Obama Videos
Andrew Breitbart's outfit released old tapes of a young Barack Obama, supporting a radical Harvard professor named Derrick Bell, who admits to hiding the video during the 2008 election. See clips here.
Tags:  Breitbart.comBreitbart.tvDerrick BellLarry O'ConnorObamaSean HannityVideosYoung Radicals
Soup of the Day February 21, 2012
Video: Breitbart on Replacing Obama
Andrew Breitbart, appearing on Fox Business' "Wills Report", discusses the Tea Party's lack of connection to the current field of Republican presidential candidates.
Tags:  2012Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.tvLarry O'ConnorObamaVideos
Full Interviews February 6, 2012
Sure Bet in Nevada
Sure Bet in Nevada
Breitbart.tv's Larry O'Connor updates Dennis on the 2012 GOP Primary, fresh off the Nevada Caucus.
Tags:  2012Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.tvGOP PrimaryLarry O'ConnorMitt RomneyNewt GingrichRick SantorumRon Paul
Full Interviews January 9, 2012
Boots in New Hampshire
Boots in New Hampshire
Friend of the Show, editor of Breitbart.tv, and clever wit, Larry O'Connor, calls in today with is report from New Hampshire on the eve of the state's primary. Funny and insightful stuff.
Tags:  2012Andrew BreitbartBreitbart.tvGOP PrimaryLarry O'Connor
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