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Soup of the Day October 4, 2012
Matthews Meltdown
So much anguish. So much despair. Beware of schadenfreude overdose while watching this.
Tags:  Chris MatthewsDebatesMitt RomneyObama
Full Interviews August 29, 2012
Wisconsin Rising
Wisconsin Rising
Steve Hayes used Wisconsin as the perfect example of how even left-leaning media can come to respect a "let's fix it" leader's attitude when it actually starts working.
Tags:  Chris ChristieChris MatthewsGOP ConventionReince PriebusSteve Hayes
Featured Caller August 29, 2012
Featured Caller 8/29/2012
Featured Caller 8/29/2012
Brian in Texas said someone should argue with Chris Matthews and go for the bloodbath. Dennis said he'd rather keep his eyes on the prize.
Tags:  2012 ElectionBrian in TXChris MatthewsFeatured Caller
Soup of the Day August 27, 2012
Leg-Thrill Now Affecting Brain Function
Chris Matthews melts down with Reince Priebus as Chris goes full-on pit bull about Romney.
Tags:  Chris MatthewsMitt RomneyReince PriebusVideos
Soup of the Day May 15, 2012
Video: Matthews on 'Jeopardy'
In a delish fail, Matthews bungles Jeopardy this week!
Tags:  Chris MatthewsJeopardyTVVideos
Soup of the Day November 21, 2011
VIDEO: Matthews Turns on Obama?
Well, it looks like the honeymoon may finally be over for Chris Matthews and President Obama. See a clip.
Tags:  Chris MatthewsObamaVideos
Rants August 4, 2011
It Was a Freakin' Lovefest
It Was a Freakin' Lovefest
Dennis rants on the revisionist history by the Chris Matthews of the world that no one gave Obama a fair shake from the start.
Tags:  Chris MatthewsObamaRantsRevisionist History
Rants January 20, 2011
Stop Noticing Then
Stop Noticing Then
If Sarah Palin is as inconsequential as her critics from the Left claim, then why do they spend every waking moment thinking about her?
Tags:  Chris MatthewsRantsSarah Palin
Soup of the Day November 3, 2010
Coming Out of the Trance
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and MSNC reporter Chris Matthews got feisty last night. Matthews asked Bachmann if she was hypnotized, and she snappily retorted that we're "coming out of a nightmare." See the video.
Tags:  Chris MatthewsElectionsMichele BachmannVideos
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