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Interview Clips March 5, 2015
Ride the Tornado
Ride the Tornado
Juan Williams talked about the blowback he got after failing to stay in lockstep with leftist ideology.
Tags:  Juan Williams
Full Interviews August 29, 2012
Ann Was Dazzling
Ann Was Dazzling
Guy Benson weighed in (no pun intended) on Chris Christie's speech and Ann Romney's uplifting performance at the GOP Convention.
Tags:  Ann RomneyChris ChristieGOP ConventionGuy BensonJuan Williams
Rants August 29, 2012
The Good, the Better, and the Ugly
The Good, the Better, and the Ugly
Dennis offers his take on Chris Christie, Ann Romney, and the low-rent Juan Williams.
Tags:  Ann RomneyChris ChristieGOP ConventionJuan WilliamsRants
Soup of the Day August 29, 2012
Low-Rent Juan
Juan Williams took a "corporate wife" cheap-shot at Ann Romney. Way to stay classy, Juan.
Tags:  Ann RomneyGOP ConventionJuan Williams
Soup of the Day January 25, 2012
Video: 'Tale of Two Missions'
Today's guest, Juan Williams, has a new film out -- "Tale of Two Missions" -- which tells the story of competing cultures in American education through examples from Chicago.
Tags:  Andrew MarcusChicagoEducationJuan WilliamsKyle OlsonMoviesVideos
Full Interviews January 25, 2012
In the Name of 'Fairness'
In the Name of 'Fairness'
Fox News Commentator and author of "Muzzled," Juan Williams, gives his reaction to Obama's State of the Union address last night.
Tags:  2012Dennis's Oprah's Book ClubJuan WilliamsNewt GingrichObamaSOTUState of the UnionTaxes
Full Interviews August 3, 2011
Off the Reservation with Juan Williams
Off the Reservation with Juan Williams
Juan Williams, who was fired from NPR for publicly connecting Muslims to terror, discusses his new tome about the matter, "Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate."
Tags:  Dennis's Oprah's Book ClubJuan WilliamsMuzzledNobody Puts Juan Williams in a CornerRadical IslamTerror
Soup of the Day July 12, 2011
VIDEO: Krauthammer on the Obama 'Farce'
Watch this clip from Fox News' 'Special Report with Bret Baier' in which Charles Krauthammer says that Obama's sudden interest in cutting the debt is a "farce."
Tags:  Charles KrauthammerJuan WilliamsObamaVideos
Full Interviews January 7, 2011
Hayes Runs With It
Hayes Runs With It
Packer Geek, Steve Hayes, comments on Ellen Weiss's resignation from NPR, repealing Obamacare, and, of course, his beloved Packers and their chance to win the big game this year.
Tags:  Juan WilliamsNFLNPRObamacareStephen HayesTammy Fay Boehner
Interview Clips October 29, 2010
A Conversation With Juan Williams
A Conversation With Juan Williams
In a very candid chat with Fox News' newest hire, Juan Williams, Dennis asks the latest victim of political correctness how it feels to be caught up in all the weirdness of our culture.
Tags:  Another Victim of Political CorrectnessFox NewsJuan WilliamsNPR
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