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Full Interviews June 5, 2014
On the Hilltop
On the Hilltop
Sebastian Junger talked about "Korengal", the sequel to his film "Restrepo"..
Tags:  KorengalRestrepoSebastian Junger
Full Interviews June 7, 2011
The Author of War
The Author of War
Writer and filmmaker Sebastian Junger talks about his new book, "WAR," Iraq, Afghanistan and his late friend and partner on "Restrepo," Tim Hetherington.
Tags:  Dennis's Oprah's Book ClubRestrepoSebastian JungerTim HetheringtonWar
Soup of the Day June 7, 2011
VIDEO: Restrepo Trailer
Today, Dennis welcomes Sebastian Junger, filmmaker of Restrepo, to the studio. See the trailer for the Oscar-nommed docu -- a must-watch.
Tags:  MoviesRestrepoSebastian JungerTim HetheringtonVideosYouTube
Full Interviews February 16, 2011
Politically-Pristine Docu
Politically-Pristine Docu
Nominated for an Oscar, filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington explain how they created a non-political viewpoint in their jaw-dropping war documentary, "Restrepo."
Tags:  MoviesOscarsRestrepoSebastian JungerTim HetheringtonWar
Full Interviews November 29, 2010
Scary But Worth It
Scary But Worth It
Contrary to what you might think about today's guest Sebastian Junger, he does not enjoy being scared.
Tags:  MoviesRestrepoSebastian Junger
Soup of the Day September 29, 2010
Must-See Movie
Today, Tim Hetherington was on the show to talk about his must-see documentary, Restrepo. Watch the trailer while you wait for it to arrive on DVD.
Tags:  MoviesRestrepoTim HetheringtonVideosYouTube
Full Interviews September 29, 2010
Hetherington's Must-See Doc
Hetherington's Must-See Doc
Author, photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was on the show today, talking about his brilliant new documentary, Restrepo.
Tags:  MoviesRestrepoTim Hetherington
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