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Featured Caller June 14, 2012
Featured Caller 6/14/2012
Featured Caller 6/14/2012
Dennis tells Tom in NY the same thing he's been saying for years -- you gotta meet the busybodies at smoking if you don't want them to be involved in every aspect of your life.
Tags:  Big GovernmentBloombergFeatured CallerRantsSmokingTom in NY
Full Interviews November 18, 2011
Jacoby's Glass is Half-Full
Jacoby's Glass is Half-Full
Today, Boston Globe columnist, Jeff Jacoby, chats with Dennis about Iran, radical Islam, cigarette packaging and our outlook for the future.
Tags:  Boston GlobeCigarettesIranJeff JacobyPoliticsRadical IslamRon PaulSmoking
Videos June 23, 2011
VIDEO: Miller in the No-Spin Zone
Dennis remarks on Obama's latest Afghanistan speech and new cigarette warning labels on this week's 'Factor,'
Tags:  Cingarette Warning LabelsDennis on FoxSmokingVideos
Rants June 21, 2011
Warning: Cigarettes Are Bad for You!
Warning: Cigarettes Are Bad for You!
In this humorous rant from today's show, Dennis says we get it; you don't want us smoking.
Tags:  Collector's ItemsFDAMarlboro ManRantsSmoking
Soup of the Day November 19, 2010
Best Cigarette Ad Ever
If you're not already a smoker, be forewarned: this pro-smoking ad is pretty awesome.
Tags:  ClassicsHoneymooners in Animal SkinsSmokingThe FlintstonesVideosYouTube
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