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Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot July 24, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
It's a bad idea to put an expiration date on our troop presence. It's not a jug of milk, people... You get the feeling it's easier to get into this country now than it is to get out?... "I'll have the GlobalWarmed CrackPie sliced with a dull knife (don't like clear borders) a dollop of Class Envy and hold the reinforcements"...Bill Ayers, the tenured terrorist. You never saw Emiliano Zapata at a CVS counter arguing over a Propecia co-pay... When Obama says he's going to act on his own - he's not gonna become a coyote, is he?... I wish Russia would take over OUR country, because at least then we'd have a border... I wish Obama held the Muslim Brotherhood in as much disdain as he did the Tea Party... Looks like John Roberts is going to have to save it twice... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot July 17, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
I've heard Jeff Koons has other people take his selfies... I'm seeking crowd funding for a remake of "My Dinner with Andre" with Luis Suarez and Shia Labeouf... Hillary's "Hard Choices" is 600 pages long. If she'd put that many pages into a pre-nup with Bill, she'd have been a lot better off... "I've decided to take my talents to the South Beach of Lake Erie." #lebron... Wow! He's going all the way back! Lebron just announced he'll play next season with his old high school team!...Also, I believe Lebron can now be hands on in keeping his friend Johnny Football from going off the rails as youth tends to do. #lebron... I don't know a whole lot about much of anything, but I do know that letting your child travel alone, on foot, internationally, is a bad idea...How long before we see a photo of W. looking wistfully out the window of his plane as it flies over Ray Nagin's prison?... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot July 10, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
Is it just me, or does the World Cup trophy resemble a hernia test by committee?...When they take a soccer player off the pitch in that bin it's like you ordered a doll that cries from an Amazon Wish-Fulfillment Center...Soccer's offside rule just caused Stephen Hawking to sputter "suffering succotash!"...This just in! International Institute of Aphorisms (IIA) has just replaced "selling ice to Eskimos" with "scalping tix in Rio this Sunday"...So, is the Heimlich a red card?...Hockey players must look at soccer players in the same way centurions observed lyre harpists...I blame the transformation of the economy over the last eight years on Optimus Sub-Prime...I don't want to sound like a climate change denier, but you know what would REALLY creep me out? If the global temperature stayed exactly the same, year after year, for decades... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot June 26, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
A new poll shows that President Obama is now as unpopular as his predecessor. Obama immediately blamed Bush for his low poll numbers...What do you suppose will be the Pyrrhic victory half-life on a Redskins name-change before liberals find a new cause célèbre to be aggrieved over?...Making a "reservation" in a DC restaurant will now be deemed offensive...How about we keep the logo and just call them the "ThinSkins"?...One can only shudder at what the aerosol foam the judges are using to mark the field at the World Cup is doing to the nearby rainforest...The World Cup produces more flops than pre-"Springtime" Bialystock...Soccer players get a lot of boo-boos, don't they? #itsnothockey...The Donner Party advances to the Knockout Round... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot June 19, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
The Clintons feel your pain, unless of course they happened to cause it...The Democrat reaction to the child-dump at the border is an effort to lower the voting age to 11...Patent Office cancels "Redskin" registrations. Harry Reid says Snyder will be "forced" to change the name. Dan, you might want to try just "Reds"...Or, keep the name "Redskins" and merely change the logo to a photo of Boehner. #washingtonredskins...Spain's early loss in the World Cup? I put that down to karma for bullfighting...Call Iraq "smoking a B-lister whose Western Civilization skills were really derelict", but it's a mistake to say the war in Iraq was a mistake...Middle-East policy primer: when someone's response to "Hi, nice to meet you" is "I think you're Satan", it kinda puts a bad vibe on the relationship from the get-go...I hope with this ISIS thing floating around, the administration doesn't drone-strike Darrell Issa and then say "I had no idea until I heard about it on the news, just like you"... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot June 12, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
Going out tonight to see the FarmersOnly.com talking dog and the Bush's Baked Bean talking dog re-stage the Lincoln/Douglas Debates...I've noticed the country has gotten much more obese since strangers started doing innumerable PSAs telling people how to eat...Nobody shoots his cuffs in the midst of haplessness more adroitly than Barack Obama...The judges now ask Miss USA Pageant entrants questions that the press are loathe to ask the President...How about we let illegals in, but they can only get healthcare through the VA?...Rapper Lil' Kim had a baby girl and named her "Royal Reign," after rejecting my suggestion of "Lil'r Kim"...cant·er noun \kan-ter\ - to leave town at a high rate of speed...If Darryl Strawberry and Ichabod Crane had a child It would be Adam Silver...and they would find it disquieting... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot June 5, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
The Administration is now cautioning that whistleblowing releases excess CO2 into the atmosphere...Think of Obamacare as the NBA Draft Lottery without necessary meds...The Cavs are infinitely better at ping pong than hoops...Shinseki making a strong early bid for Time Magazine's Person of the Year...Shinshaky to head State when Kerry announces inevitable candidacy?...Let's face it, if we peeled the whole thing back, all of it, no one would believe how utterly corrupt it is. #thewholeshebang...We've never been more simultaneously open-minded AND stipulated about what we can say in this country...I went to an all VIP-area nightclub over the weekend, I checked my privilege and they "misplaced" it. Grrrrrr...All right, let me try the ironic thing again - Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were the Kimye of their day... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot May 29, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
If Cruise would wear the "Vanilla Sky" mask under the Robo-Helmet in "Edge of Tomorrow," I'd be at the Thursday Midnight Show...Obamacare will turn into "I've fallen and I won't get up"...Turns out they meant flimsy, not transparent...Obama is now at that ironic juncture where his most ardent devotees are defending him for the 5th time in a row as clueless and not malevolent...If Hillary eventually debates Christie, there will be a lot of salt flung on the mat beforehand...Beware of the Global Warming Denier Deniers..."Global Warming is the single bigg..." now let's see, where's that air-dropped leaflet? Oh, here it is, "biggest problem facing mankind!"...Oh, and while I'm at it, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Harry Reid all reek of superior intellect. Oh, to be that smart!...Obama's the greatest, O'Care is greater, we've never been safer and global warming will flood NY by 2057 - c'mon, even you don't buy all that... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot May 22, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
The hypocrisy of Satanic masses is that as soon as they're over people get in their cars in the parking lot and don't curse each other...Got an idea for a funding site called Crowd-Silencer. If my detractors raise $1 more than I'm scheduled to make in '14, I'll gladly shut up...Dr Who running tonight on the Beeb at 7PM and then a documentary on the famous Buddhist Temple at 8. Who's on first, Angkor Wat's on second...The culture's gotten so secular now that liberals insist on "Godzilla" using a lower-case "g"...I'm so lazy I can't even get Restless Leg Syndrome...All the old hippies have now become all the old Orwell characters...Alec Baldwin appears to be so unhinged, I'm beginning to think the Braselton purchase was his idea...Alec Baldwin's disbelief that not everyone makes sextant plots off his aura is highly reminiscent of Lennon's Troubadour incident...Startin' to get a Manti Two'o vibe off Michael Sam... And dot's dot, folks!
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot May 15, 2014
Dennis Dot-Dot-Dot
Harry Reid is the new McCarthy, and I don't mean Andy...2 types of people in the USA. Some want to lead with the drop to 6.3% in the unemployment rate, some with the 800K dropping out of the work force. #whichareyou...Why does my scalp itch? I don't know - that's a head-scratcher...A football player gets a fine & reeducation over a single tweet. Orwell was right, he was just off by 30 years...How can a league that supposedly espouses sensitivity call the last person drafted "Mr. Irrelevant?" #Nameshurtcommishgoodell...If perchance Donald Sterling and Michael Sam marry, the planet will explode. #cosmicconfluences...Next time a news organization complains that Benghazi was two years ago, claim that there's now a story that the people at the consulate actually escaped on a Malaysian jetliner...Truman dropped two. Obama's hashtagging. Gee, why are terrorists emboldened?...I say we turn Solange Knowles loose on Boko Haram... And dot's dot, folks!
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