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DMZ HuggMee Sleeved Blanket
DMZ HuggMee Sleeved Blanket
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*** AS SEEN on the DMZ Bathrobe Sessions. ***
Super soft fleece HuggMee

You may have caught Dennis on a couple past Bathrobe Sessions with this one. Stay warm at home as you listen to The Dennis Miller Show or anywhere you want the warmth of a blanket while still having your hands free to do other things. Comes embroidered with the DMZ logo as seen here. Dennis loves it and you will too.
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Customer Reviews 
  April 21, 2009
By: Mike in McKinleyville (McKinleyville, CA)
After viewing the news story on FOX last night about the "Hugg Me-like variation that we can't talk about" Pub Crawls, I will be ordering my Hugg Me's soon for me and the Mrs. The DMZ will be well represented at the Pub Crawls on our cruise in September.
  April 14, 2009
By: Margaret H (Somerset, NJ)
This thing may be silly, however it does make perfect sense when you are laying around on the couch and want to be warm. Before I got this, I had a blanket that I cut a hole in so I could use the remote on the TV.
  April 03, 2009
Isnt this just a bathrobe you put n backwards ?
  March 04, 2009
By: Britt in Cincinnati (Milford, OH)
I love the DMZ 'HuggMee!' I swaddle myself in it while using my other Bathrobe Sessions Officially Licensed products, including my DMZ 'ShamGolly,' my DMZ 'Vegged-O-Matic,' and my DMZ 'Phuket Fisherman!'
  February 26, 2009
By: Erich (Kitchener, ON)
Well I'm sold. Those two models in the picture seem to be in rapture at the warm fleece sensation encircling their bodies while looking in the mirror at their DMZ Huggmees all pimped' out and making toga's look so last millennium. either that, or they're standing outside Dennis Kucinich's office door saying 'take us to your leader'.
  February 26, 2009
By: Lynne B. (KOKOMO, IN)
So cool. (Warm) Want it/got it. Do we also get the light?
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