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Obama: A Campaign about Nothing T-Shirt
Obama: A Campaign about Nothing T-Shirt
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The Obama Campaign is purely based on hot air, empty promises, posturing, pressing the flesh, and pandering.

We all know better then that. This is not the campaign America wants to see from it's President.

The Obama Campaign has been a big joke from the start. Get the shirt that makes a bold statement.

Wear it with pride. Get one today.
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Customer Reviews 
  February 26, 2009
By: Erich (Kitchener, ON)
Great Shirt! But one has to wonder if after the Obama administration takes it's final bow and the cabinet is all behind bars, an "Obama Curse" will then plague the former members of his administration, whereby once infallible policy makers are doomed to brief cameos in late night C-Span roundtable discussions, and sometime in 2015 we will see a blurry clip of an unemployed Joe Biden posted on YouTube where he looses his cool and goes off on an (insincere, yet) racist rant after a series of long-winded jokes about his failed 1987 Presidential bid bombs while he's an honorary guest host at an Indian-American community center afternoon luncheon in Long Neck, Delaware.
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