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Hybrid Bumper Sticker
Hybrid Bumper Sticker
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Price: $2.50
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Now anyone can have a Hybrid... Get your hybrid "Hybrid" bumper sticker... it's a hybrid because you can get a bumper sticker and also a window cling.

It does not come together but you have the option of getting either one.

Show your support to help the earth. Get it in white, black, or green.

This is for the removable bumper sticker version.

The static window cling is available here.
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Customer Reviews 
  December 20, 2011
By: Michaele G. (DALLAS, TX)
Just ordered one to plaster on my modified rock climbing jeep. I'll be driving the libs nuts in Dallas! More than normal, anyway.
  September 10, 2010
By: John L. (HIGH POINT, NC)
While many have spent thousands to convert to Hybrid, Dennis brings this to us for a buck-two-fifty! GO GREEN (uh, I got the black one)!
  April 12, 2009
By: Christopher B. (APO, AE)
I am now even closer to Al Gore levels of self-denial.
  August 20, 2008
Hey Dennis, the show is genius. I got a hybrid sticker to go on my eight cylinder Chevy work van. I feel greener already.
  July 16, 2008
By: Garrett (Allentown, PA)
Got this one stuck to my ride.
  July 14, 2008
By: Jerome (Los Angeles, CA)
Hey Dennis, I live here in Los Angeles and I put this on the back right bumper of my 1979 Z28 and having fun with it.
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