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DMZ Listening Fez
DMZ Listening Fez
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*** AS SEEN on the DMZ Bathrobe Sessions. ***
Dennis takes this iconic hat and creates the DMZ Listening Fez for all the listeners to enjoy. Truly an unique conversation piece to have around, or you may want to wear this out to your next party. This 100%-wool, maroon fez is 5-inches tall and the black tassel is about 10-inches long with the DMZ logo emblazoned on it.

These are in limited supplies and sizes will go fast, get one before they are all gone.

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Customer Reviews 
  March 25, 2013
I just love my DMZ Listening Fez!
  April 13, 2011
The fez is high quality and i get many questions about it. I took it out to a bar one night and talked with more chicks than I've talked with in a decade. Took many pictures too. It's a hit.
  March 03, 2010
By: Leonard S. (KNG OF PRUSSA, PA)
If I get this and a smoking jacket, my "relaxing around the house" Gomez Addams Halloween costume is complete!
  May 08, 2009
By: john l. (FORT BENNING, GA)
Dennis, I have considered purchasing the listening Fez, but it's too tall to wear inside my subaru. I guess I could wear it on the weekends when I'm alone in my house; for encouragement you could include a "Fez Precedence" section showing all those famous people in history who have donned a fez with confidence. John
  April 30, 2009
By: Chad (Yuma, AZ)
I bought the XL for the Melon, the Magnum of the Fez posse!!! and wear it with pride!!!
  April 30, 2009
By: Duane (Saginaw, MI)
Love the listening Fez. When I saw you try it on during "The Bathrobe sessions" I knew I had to have one. Of course, everyone at work thinks I've lost my mind and I refuse to explain it. They've heard me listening to the Dennis Miller show and if they can't put two and DMZ together, it's not my problem ;p. Thanks a million. Now I just need that listening Dickie and the whitlin' kit...
  April 14, 2009
By: Peter K (Dallas, TX)
Dennis, I was at You Tube watching this bathrobe session that had you wearing this fez hat. I had to see what the hat was all about on the April bathrobe session. I got the fez in my office at work, the guys here were asking if I just joined The Shriners, I said no, I just joined the DMZ. On Friday's here it gets very casual and they have a thing that everyone wears crazy hats, so this is now my Friday hat. Thanks for making me laugh every day.
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